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SMND University is a unique university. Established in 2001 by Her Holiness Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi this university is both a temple and a place of education. SMND University integrates a unique body of knowledge with a way of life based on the principles of Vishwa Nirmala Dharma which was taught by Her Holiness Shri Mataji in an illustrious career spanning some forty years of selfless devotion to mankind .

Dharma means many things to many people and derives from the Sanskrit verb dhr (धृ to support) and signifies the best way of life to support the individual, the family and society. Vishwa means universal and Nirmala means pure. Altogether it indicates the universal pure way of life that best suits humanity and the evolution of humanity towards a better world, indeed the best of all possible worlds, a world of collective spiritual ascent towards collective union with the all pervading Cosmic energy known as paramchaitanya (supreme all pervading universal consciousness) that has brought the universe into existence and underlies every activity and process in nature and human existence.

Individuality is an illusion as everyone is connected to everyone else through connection to the Universal Self (Paramatma). Awakening the individual spirit (Atma) within us all to the realisation of its connection to the all-pervading spirit of Self (Paramatma) has traditionally been known as “Self realisation”. It is achieved by kundalini awakening, the awakening of the dormant spiritual energy in all of us, at the base of the spine and permitting it to travel up the subtle channel of the spine (the sushumna nadi) until it pierces the seventh subtle centre at the crown of the head (sahasrara) and connection, known as yoga, with the all-pervading power (Adi Shakti) and universal consciousness (paramchaitanya) of Parmatma is achieved.

This is a spontaneous happening and occurs in varying degrees according to each individual, but it is a tangible event (not a belief) which is felt on the central nervous system (CNS) to some extent by the vast majority of people. This is the beginning of a transformation on both the individual level and on the collective level of humanity and is the next and final step in human evolution towards a higher and harmonious existence as a Collective Being where individuality ceases and the ancient truth that there is ‘no other’ (ananya) emerges in individual consciousness bringing with it awareness of consciousness generally in all humans and indeed beyond into higher spheres of awareness of nature, the elements and the Cosmos.

SMND University aims to bring human beings who seek authentic enlightenment into direct connection with this all-pervading cosmic energy through the spontaneous union of the innate individual desire to know truth in an absolute sense with Absolute Truth itself. This union or “yoga” is the beginning point of everything taught and practiced within SMNDU. It is a felt experience that manifests on the central nervous system of the human body and goes beyond language and doctrine, science and religion and lifts human beings into a higher level of awareness that must be felt before it can begin to be explained, understood and further developed.

And it is free to all. Anyone who asks  “please give me my Self-realization” from another who already has Self-realization will receive it. Or to put it into more traditional terms: Ask and you shall receive.

It is also the real point of entry into SMNDU and it is not possible to understand what SMNDU has to offer without it. Without self-realisation, or kundalini awakening, you would just be reading words with no way of verifying, exploring and developing your understandings of what these words mean.

This would be like studying a book on how to swim without ever getting into a swimming pool, or studying how to play the piano without ever touching the keyboard of a piano, or scrutinizing an airplane ticket that could fly you across the world without ever getting on board the airplane. But no-one will cross your free-will, or push you into a swimming pool, or bundle you onto an airplane. That is a step you must take for yourself – and take freely.

SMND University is and will always be a free and unique university open to all who choose to discover and develop self-realization and the meaning and purpose of life itself. It is a non-profit collective of volunteers who wish to share the knowledge and techniques they have learnt in the course of their lives under tutelage from Her Holiness Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi. In India She is known as Mataji (Holy Mother) while in the West her pupils have simply called Her “Mother”. Shri Mataji gave Self-realization, kundalini awakening freely and taught the true techniques of meditation and spiritual ascent for forty years before casting off Her mortal form and returning back into her eternal Nirakara form as the Adi Shakti of the Paramatma.

Before She returned to Nirakara (Formless) existence Shri Mataji gave precise instructions on the formation and administration of this University to continue Her work, which She named The Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi University and appointed its leadership and management to continue the work on Her behalf.

Shri Mataji continues to exist and work through Her University and its members. SMNDU is a living Collective Being composed of its members teaching Her knowledge and integrating this with every area of human endeavour. Its function is to continue the enlightenment of all humanity who seek enlightenment, and all human understanding that has gone before.

Modern science has discovered a great deal about the known universe, its origins and workings and the laws that govern the way the universe operates but only up to a point. The basic laws of the known fields of existence, quantum, atomic, and stellar have been established since Einstein, but have yet to be combined into the Holy Grail of scientific pursuit, the Grand Unified Field Theory. The Grand Unified Field Theory is Param Chaitanya the Self-knowledge of the Universe reflected in enlightened human consciousness on the central nervous system beyond discursive knowledge of mind and language. SMNDU brings all this together, graduation is nothing less than God realization satchitananda – Truth Consciousness Bliss – from this all else follows.

So ask yourself is “Do I want my self-realization?”, “Do I want to know my true ‘Self’ “. If you do, you have arrived at the right place at the right time in your life for nothing is a coincidence. Welcome to the first day of the rest of your life, welcome to true enlightenment.

From this point on, the rest is up to you.

Chancery SMNDU
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