Δ The Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi University Ω                           

The Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi University – SMNDU –  is a unique university. Established in 2001 by Her Holiness Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, this university is both a place of meditation and a place of education.

This online SMNDU Directory was created to give its members a simple and easy way to find their way to the many Schools of the University in its Facebook iteration by simply clicking on the links in the Directory. One click and you are taken to the Facebook group devoted to that particular School.

There are also click links to all the schools of SMNDU in its FlipBoard iteration for those who have a FlipBoard account as well as a Facebook account.  We recommend all members to open a free FlipBoard account to experience SMNDU in the colourful magazine style FlipBoard offers where you can swipe or flip through the many pages all the way through each school to the very beginning. It is very useful for iPad, tablet and

In either case, entry into SMNDU in its present format will require either a Facebook or a FlipBoard account. We recommend both beginning with Facebook.com followed by FlipBoard.com.

Later our technical team will complete SMNDU in its website iteration and have begun work on other platforms similar to this WordPress designed platform and will continue to explore and make use of new social media platforms as they arise to provide many interesting ways of interacting with the University and its members.

The Directory is situated in the horizontal bar just underneath and above the illustration of SMNDU and can be seen in its Faculty form replicated here below :

Each of these Faculties houses the over 140 Schools and Groups that make up the online cyber campus of SMNDU in its present format. Simply click on any given faculty and you will be taken to a new page listing all the Schools or specialized groups that make up each faculty.

Please note once more, you must have first joined at least one School of SMNDU via your Facebook Account to gain entry via this online directory.

For assistance contact info@smndu.com

If you receive a ‘page not available’ message when you click on any link it means you have not yet joined that SMNDU School.
If you wish to join contact one of the many administrators or email smnd.uni@gmail.com and you will be included.
This is because the Facebook settings are private for the normal reasons of security.